Let there be Joy!

A healthy person isn’t just the exercise obsessed, yoga pant wearing, self-proclaimed vegetable loving, fitness guru we see promoting their lifestyles on every. single. social media platform given to us. A healthy person is as healthy on the inside as the are on the outside; a harmonious balance of physical, mental and social well-being that can’t just be found at the gym or in Whole Foods.

A healthy mind and a healthy body is key to internal happiness and joy. Drinking water, eating wholesome food and exercising regularly are great habits to get in to and naturally, when we like what we see in the mirror, our brain is flooded with dopamine- the hormone responsible for happiness and instantly, we feel joy. Loving what you have on the outside is half the battle of self-love. Loving what you have on the inside is the other fifty percent and sadly, often goes ignored. When we learn to truly love what Mother Nature gave us, it becomes easier and more rewarding to look at our own weaknesses and not see it as a personal attack or put-down but as an opportunity for improvement. Take a growth mindset approach (easier said than done and never quick).

We don’t address the latter as much because it doesn’t conform to the capitalist society we are surrounded in. We are swamped with quick fixes and bad temptations- from teas that promote weight loss to cosmetic surgery to diet pills- ring any bells? Our world runs at a tremendously feverish pace. We are too hurried, too impatient, too rushed and too stressed. We want a quick fix and we’ll pay the price. Companies study our consumer behavior and they know this. They feed this. The cycle doesn’t end. This is not sustainable. Not for us, not for our pockets, not for the planet. Companies can’t solve the latter…it goes ignored. It doesn’t evolve at the same pace as our “external” happiness. Where does that leave us?

‘Happiness is an inside job’ said William Arthur Ward. It can’t be found in bottles sadly, it can’t be brought. But it can be found and it’s found within us all.

Once we learn to find it from within, we have an endless supply. For free. Do the companies know this? Is this why we are made to believe we need the latest gym gimmick? High waisted ruched butt-lifting yoga pants, I am talking to you! Is this all a distraction from what we need in life?

I’d love to get your thoughts on this topic and share ideas on what bring you internal joy.

Peace to the planet and peace to your pockets!

Love always, The Humble Avocado x x

Published by thestayhumbleavocado

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come and check out this blog. May you find peace and tranquillity and temporary escapism from the never-ending pressures of our modern day lives. The purpose of this blog is to share with you the art of sustainable living which is is both sustainable to the planet and sustainable to your pocket. I am on this journey with you and I want to share with you the new ideas and perspectives taken on board. I welcome your feedback and would love to hear your opinions, ideas and thoughts on the content added, as well as what you would like to read more of. Peace to the planet and peace to your pocket! Love always, The Humble Avocado x x

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