Part 2. Yoga- it’s a bit of a stretch

Hello bambinos!

This evening is another yoga post to follow up on the overview I gave here. I do yoga consistently on and off and have done for many years, atm I am I’m in a routine of doing it 3 times per week.  My favourite type of yoga is a modern day form called Strala yoga which was “invented” by Tara Stiles- it has the essence of vinyasa yoga but combines movement, breathing and strength related exercises from tai chi along with the healing wisdoms from traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines.

This form of yoga goes way beyond breathing and pretty poses. It makes you feel good from the inside out by activating your body’s relaxation response. When I’ve been to yoga classes in the past, I’ve found some of them focus too much on improving flexibility/strength which makes it more into a form of exercise and stimulates cortisol production. This doesn’t have the mindfulness at the forefront which is an essential to me. When your attention is narrowly aimed at pushing or forcing your body into poses- we become bathed in these stress hormones- cortisol being the main one. Keep forcing ourselves this way and we end up feeling demotivated, uninterested and injure our bodies.

Strala increases my range of motion in a way that feels really natural and because it feels relaxing, I can move with ease. Literally, just this second, I typed in Strala yoga and 2 definitions came up.

Strala: Swedish word meaning “to radiate light”

Strala: a moving meditation that creates a radiantly strong, clear, connected body and mind and a healthy, happy and capable life

SO true! I wasn’t even aware of these definitions until just now but 100% confirmed, it is my fave type to do. I’m going to post a link to a video below, it only 10 mins and I do this one often. I love the flow and timing in this tutorial and I feel really energized by the end of it.

You don’t have to be “good” at yoga. What does that even mean anyways? It’s about making yourself feel good on the inside and out.  There’s no yoga competitions out there (not that I’m aware of but watch me be wrong now); it’s a mind and body practice and the only aim is to make you feel uplifted so who cares if you can’t do a one-legged tree pose- if the balance feels nice with even just your leg slightly off the floor then it was well worth doing!

It’s not about being good at something. It’s about being good to yourself.

Save the competitiveness for a sports event or even your work environment. Or board games…

“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body” – Jason Crandell

I hope you like the link below. If you are a yoga enthusiast like me- amateur or otherwise- please share the links to any other tutorials that you like, I’d love to have a go at these.

Peace to the planet and peace to your pockets.

Love always, The Humble Avocado x x

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