TikToks Tomato Feta Pasta

Okay so TikTok is a guilty pleasure for me. I spend far too long on there watching the same videos over and over again and yes I’m loving all these Sea Shanty renditions. Love to The Wellerman!

When I saw this recipe, I just had to try it out. It’s so simple and minimal ingredients but this here is a prime example of less is more. Tomatoes, feta, pasta. That’s literally it, what’s not to like? It makes for a great weeknight tea and can be eaten hot or as a cold pasta salad. Multi-purpose. I love it.


1 punnet small plum tomatoes

Block of feta (I used Violife’s plant-based feta and yes, this one does melt properly too!)


Italian seasoning selection


  1. Place block of feta in the centre of an oven-proof dish
  2. Add in the washed tomatoes around the sides of the feta
  3. Drizzle with oil and season generously with herbs
  4. Cook for 30-40mins at 180 degrees C fan
  5. Remove dish from oven and combine cheese and tomatoes then add in cooked pasta

And that is it, a super simple and deliciously healthy pasta dish that serves 4. The cost is 87p per serving.

Peace to the planet and peace to your pockets

Love always, The Humble Avocado x x

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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come and check out this blog. May you find peace and tranquillity and temporary escapism from the never-ending pressures of our modern day lives. The purpose of this blog is to share with you the art of sustainable living which is is both sustainable to the planet and sustainable to your pocket. I am on this journey with you and I want to share with you the new ideas and perspectives taken on board. I welcome your feedback and would love to hear your opinions, ideas and thoughts on the content added, as well as what you would like to read more of. Peace to the planet and peace to your pocket! Love always, The Humble Avocado x x

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