How I Am MARIE KONDO-ING my life

Happy new year friends *raises glasses* super excited that we made it into the new year *quick *waits* pat your back and scream ‘Thank you God’* So I… How I Am MARIE KONDO-ING my life Marie Kondo aka Konmari aka organisation guru. I am definitely going to make a list just like the one aboveContinue reading “How I Am MARIE KONDO-ING my life”

Part 2. Yoga- it’s a bit of a stretch

Hello bambinos! This evening is another yoga post to follow up on the overview I gave here. I do yoga consistently on and off and have done for many years, atm I am I’m in a routine of doing it 3 times per week.  My favourite type of yoga is a modern day form calledContinue reading “Part 2. Yoga- it’s a bit of a stretch”

Yoga is for Posers

A brief history: Yoga is a mind and body practice that originated in South East Asia, possibly around the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Yogis and yoginis alike passed down and taught their practices over the next five millennia and as a result, many different schools of yoga were developed as it increased inContinue reading “Yoga is for Posers”

Milk drowns cereal: is it a cereal killer?

For the last two or so years, I have made the switch to plants milks. I’ve tried every brand and every type of plant based milk our supermarkets have to offer from hemp to rice, to oat to hazelnut. Who knew we could make “milk” out of so many plants and trees? For a longContinue reading “Milk drowns cereal: is it a cereal killer?”

Fibre: a moving post

A disappointing statistic that only 5% adults get their daily amount of dietary fibre which is around 25-38g. “Eat more fibre”. We have definitely all heard this at some point and probably associate high fibre in foods like fruits, vegetables and grains, but why do we need to eat more and what’s the significance ofContinue reading “Fibre: a moving post”

An almost exhaustive list of seasonal produce in the UK

To work alongside yesterday’s post on Seasonal Produce, below is a table showing UK’s seasonal produce including fruits, vegetables and herbs which can be used as aid to help with mindful eating. WINTER SPRING SUMMER AUTUMN Brussels Sprouts Asparagus Artichokes Field mushrooms Cabbage Carrots Asparagus Lettuce Carrots Watercress Aubergines Watercress Bay leaves Spring onion BeetrootContinue reading “An almost exhaustive list of seasonal produce in the UK”